Advancement in the field of Health and Medicine

Health Care

Health Care

Technological advancements have taken over most of our lives no matter if we do not really consider it, it has also improved the overall impact of the health and medicine as well. With the technological advancements the medical professionals can now peer into the body or prescribe medicines that can help cure chronic diseases. Most people take technological advancement for granted and do not consider that health and medicine has gone a long way.


If you look at the history there are several diseases that have had fatal effects on the lives of people. Research on most of these diseases has proved that they can be cured through vaccination. The idea of vaccination was first introduced in the year 1796 and since then it has gone a long way. Due to vaccination these diseases have been cured and even eradicated. On a global level vaccines have helped in saving countless lives.

Surgery & anesthesia

Without a figment of a doubt, surgical procedures have become much more effective and much less painful. This is mainly because before the 19th century, anesthesia was not an option. Over the past century several researches have been conducted on making surgery pain less and less painful. Some breakthroughs have been achieved in this regards. Along with this having sterile surgical equipment is a must, because without it the patient has a greater chance of losing their life.

Water purification & Sanitation

Considering the above two technological advancements, water purification and sanitation does not look like a big deal. However, it has saved million, if not billions of lives since it has been adopted. Water purification and sanitation has cut down the incidences of water-borne diseases like diarrhea, cholera and other parasitic infection. 

Birth Control Pills

Birth control pills have unarguably added great value to the society. Because of the pills several women have control over their fertility, which in itself is a revolution. Consider the fact that women now have control over their family planning and the entry of women in the workforce. It makes life better for women. 

Heart Surgery and Cardiac Care

Heart diseases are a major killer around the globe. Heart surgery and cardiac care has helped treat numerous cases and helped in extending and improving the lives of the sufferer. These procedures have helped repair hearts, without pushing the patient at unreasonable risk. 

Radiologic Imaging

The development of imaging procedures started with X-rays, when the doctors used to look for external signs of injuries. With the advancements in radiology images the doctors today can determine the exact spot of the problem and analyzing whether the disease can be cured through medicine. CT Scan which was introduced in the 70s has led to many breakthroughs. 

Organ Transplantation

Perhaps one of the biggest breakthroughs achieved in the world today have been those that have made organ transplantation possible. It makes use of both surgery and immunology. Transplantation has helped save lives for people who had completely damaged organs. 

Medicine has made so many improvements to the human life, that without these advancements, the world population would have been much lower. The control over chronic diseases is excellent when it comes to saving lives and allowing individuals to live a longer life. 

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