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When most people think about a kit home, they see modular homes that are unsightly, but this is not the truth about kit homes today. The new emerging styles of kit homes are very nice in appearance and have so many more benefits versus other kinds of buildings. Kit homes have also become much more environmentally friendly and the cost is an extra plus! 

Most people think that you don’t have any flexibility when it comes to a kit home, but the opposite is true. Today, the designers and companies that manufacture the kit homes are very flexible and willing to tailor your kit to your personal needs. If you decide you want the bedroom on the opposite side of the home than where the plan has it, or you want to have a double entrance to the home versus one entry, they can probably make that happen. Some designers and companies let you create your own design and they create the kit from your specifications. 

A major benefit of a kit home is the cost. When you compare the cost of building a kit home versus a standard home the different in dollars is monumental. Not only that, but you can build a kit home yourself versus having to pay a builder which saves a lot of money. This is not just a few dollars you save, it’s thousands of dollars saved. If you do choose to have a builder put the home up, you will still save a lot of money because the process of completion is so much quicker allowing you to save on hours of labor costs. 

Kit homes are very energy efficient. All are five star energy efficient and have rated that way due to the good products they use. Double glazing, good insulation and more help them to achieve the quality ratings they receive. Not only are these homes energy efficient, but they are made from treated pine timber or steel that has been recycled which makes them environmentally friendly. 

To get the planning approval process going, the kit companies or designers will give you the proper documentation needed to get started. They also provide you with the information to get your license to build so you can build yourself if you choose to do so. A complete instruction manual is included with your kit home and contact numbers for all the people you may need to contact for assistance. 


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