All Daily Deal Sites are not created equal when it comes to a Skin Care Service


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All Daily deal sites are not created equal especial when it comes to health and beauty services. What I mean is, do your research before you by a coupon for a wax, facial or any plastic surgery procedure, in most cases you will get what you paid for. For example, as a business owner I also need services for myself, so I sought out waxing services on Groupon, I could have did my own wax but it nice for a change for someone to do it for you. I went to a location in Beverly Hills and got a brazilian wax, being an esthetician, when I perform the wax procedure, I make sure I am protected and the client is protected. Gloves are worn at all times and wooden wax sticks are used and double-dipping is not done at all. When I went to this place, proceeded to the treatment room, of which it was nice, but to my surprise, I didn’t see any disposable wax sticks nor gloves, the esthetician was using a metal spatula and she was double-dipping the whole time and she did not wear gloves at all I didn’t even see here use sanitizer on her hands. As far as the service goes, it was very painful and I get waxing done all the time. The table was not comfortable and the temperture was very warm in the room. I have to say it was a very thorough wax and I was clean when she got done, but I would loved if she was practicing sanitation procedures with her service. I just wanted to get out of there because I was scared that I could get something like an infection from her double-dipping in the wax. Groupon, Living Social and other deal sites feel they can make a profit off of these businesses and they do, but do the do the background work for health and safety, no they don’t all they go by is Yelp reviews and a business must have good reviews and most people don’t even care about the cleaniness and santiation of a beauty service type business. But they frown upon mobile businesses and my experience with those type of business have been wonderful such as Mobile Spa Los Angeles, I have received services from them to check out the competition out here but the big daily deal sites won’t even touch businesses like mobile spas, Groupon should do more research on the credabilty of these business versus all the Yelp reviews. In all do the research on the business before you buy the daily deal coupon check out the service especially when you purchase a wax service, facial or cosmetic procedure. 

Alicia D.

Alicia Denise is a Spa Consultant to many companies in the skincare industry. She has been recognized in several media outlets such as Daily Candy and the Examiner. CBS Paramount sought her out due to an Italian facial treatment called 'The Iron Mask' for the Doctor's TV Show. She assisted with the segment 'Extreme Ways to look good and Feel Great'. Beauty is her passion! She has worked with ...(Read More)

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