Allure Beauty Lounge: Get your Glow on for Fashion Week 2012


THE ALLURE MAGAZINE BEAUTY LOUNGE: Beauty Stop for Fashion Week 2012

Allure Magazine, always a favorite with both fashionistas and beauty divas, has created a beauty stop for the fashion weary on their way to the shows.  Containing all the things a girl can't do without, and sponsored by Coca Cola, the Lounge promises to get your glow on with Maybelline Cosmetics, where the make-up girls will refresh your face with Spring's new Color Palette that features electric blue, corals, pinks and fushias.  Luxury perfume sampling at the Perfume Bar, where you can try the New Mark Jacob Fragrance, the New Calvin Klein, Stella McCartney and more!  Skin Medica, a new luxury skincare product that is a top favorite with skin care specialists and secretly used by the celebs to polish their skin after their visits to their private Skin Care Gurus. Everyone loves ALLURE magazine and with information on beauty, health, lifestyle and key fashion trends, the magazine continues to be a staple of everyone's Fashion Week Agenda. 

For more information you can follow them at:  @allureloungenyc, @maybeline #allurelounge. 


Pikke Allen

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