Alonso Mateo A Dangerous Precedent?

We See Cute, They See Themselves

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We've seen what the glamor and ritz of the finest fashion models has done to those who aspire to conform to their – shall we say – exacting standards. With 5-year-old Alonso Mateo now coming in vogue, it begs the question: do we really want our youngest children looking towards their peers, seeing them in Gucci loafers, and wondering why they don't have them? It's a lesson in self image and status that 5-year olds may not be equipped to handle.


Gymboree and babyGap? Not for the newest — and likely youngest — fashion star.


Hailed as one of the most stylish 5-year-olds, Alonso Mateo has thousands of online fans eager to check out his catwalk-ready outfits.


Alonso, who has 11,000 followers on Instagram and nearly 11,900 on his Facebook fan page, is shown in chic, tailored outfits, and takes some selfies in the mirror while rocking shades by Tom Ford or a pair of drop-crotch pants and Gucci loafers. He produces many of his own photos with an iPad, and often shops for new clothes with his mother. He also has his own walk-in closet for his clothing collection. (Read More)


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