Alternative Gifts for the Woman Who Has It All

We all know someone who is excruciatingly difficult to buy for. Perhaps she’s really picky, or she just seems so have everything before you’ve even thought about buying it for her. The key to buying gifts for someone like this is to make it personal, or make it an experience. Here are a few ideas to get your imagination flowing.

Psychic Reading

Before you begin to scoff, most people believe in something more than just the tangible world we live in. A psychic reading can often help people reflect on their lives, whether or not they believe their reading to be true. You may find that a psychic reading is something the person you’re buying for have always wanted to try, but were never brave enough. There are a myriad of different ways to have a reading, from spirit coaches to a love tarot reading, and it may be just the gift they were looking for.


If she’s a woman who loves driving, or cars, then you can find driving experiences that will cater to all tastes. Whether it’s an historic car she wants to drive or she wants to cheer MotoGP racers on in luxurious style, take her on an experience she’ll never forget.


If everything you think of that you might buy her you find that she already owns, why not take her on holiday to a great shopping destination so she can buy herself whatever she wants! Whether you want to be cutting edge cool and head to New York or enjoy a beach holiday at the same time in Dubai, there are a range of different places famous for their shopping experiences that will suit her (and you) down to a tee.

Make It Personal

This is where a little thought on your part is required. It may not be big, it may not be flashy, but it may mean more to her than anything else you could buy. Think about the things that matter to her as a person, it might be their little sister, expressing themselves creatively, or cooking. Alternatively, a well thought out day planned in advance that includes everything that they love will be perfect.


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