America's Greatest City

Having been to the four highest summits, depths of the mariana, and every continent, I feel obliged to share my experiences with the world. Here's my favorite cities.


1.) Boston, MA, USA

             Boston is the most picturesque city I've ever had the pleasure of visiting, it has a great blend of people, parks, and architecture, and just seems to exude American culture and history.


2.) Santorini, Greece

              Santorini is the quintessential Mediterranean town, vibrant with life, culture, and perfect weather. Their port is where I set sail for almost all of my yacht excursions around the Med.


3.) Queenstown, New Zealand

              Quite possibly the most beautiful place I have ever been. The scenery is amazing whether you happen through this quaint mountain town in the summer or winter.


4.) San Diego, CA USA

               Few places in the world can boast the weather and women that San Diego has, and coupled with the safety and convenience of American soil it earns its place on my list.


5.) Bogota, Colombia

               The drug-dealing stigma of this city's past has recently been removed, and it is quickly emerging as a destination for the luxury lifestyle, as well as the party scene.


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