Amna Aqueel Pioneers 'Slave' Fashion, Offending Everyone

'Be My Slave' Shoot

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Not sure exactly how fashion works overseas – and evidently it sometimes doesn't – but no matter where you go, slavery is something of a sensitive subject. Pakistani designer Aamna Aqueel, however, seems to have missed the memo and committed one of the worst fashion photo faux-pas in recent memory. In her defense, the misguided mess was an attempt at reminding the luxury fashion world of child labor.


Karlie Kloss, Designer: Karlie Kloss is putting her long gams to good use. The model has designed a two-style denim capsule collection for Frame, launching this June. The jeans have been produced with extra-long legs and inseams to accommodate tall women like Kloss. “I’m freakishly tall, so finding pants that fit is something I’ve struggled with my whole life,” Kloss told Vogue. The jeans will retail for approximately $200.


Offensive ‘Slave’ Fashion Spread: Another month, another provocative fashion shoot. This one is called ‘Be My Slave." An offensive spread staged by Pakistani designer Aamna Aqueel, the shoot features a model wearing her designs while a darker-skinned child attends to the model’s needs, like holding an umbrella over her head. (Read More)


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