An Amazing Boutique Hotel in South Africa

Located in Cape Town Central, South Africa, the Derwent House Boutique Hotel looks like it provides a very attractive South African luxury retreat. This is most interesting (in my humble opinion) because whenever I hear or read about South Africa, the city of Johannesburg is the only location that is mentioned. Truthfully, while I was browsing around looking for luxury hotels in Johannesburg to take a trip to, I ended up stumbling across this amazing boutique hotel that would likely fit the bill for me than any of the amazing Johannesburg resorts that I have come across, and that’s saying a lot.


After scouring tons of guest reviews of the Derwent House Boutique Hotel, I may just forego a stay in Johannesburg just to partake in the amazing accommodations and stellar amenities that I have (now) heard so much about, this location seems to thrive on personal service, making each of their guests feel like a million dollars.


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