An overview of 5 Most unusual team sports


What makes unusual team sports great sources of attraction for people all over the world? The unusual element attached with these types of team sports make it really interesting and curious and here are five most popular unusual team sports:

1) Fistball

Though volleyball has a lot of similarities with fistball nobody will describe volleyball as an unusual sport. Placing the balls in the opponent's court is the prime aim of fistball and when the opponents fail to return the ball point is being scored. The most interesting aspect about fistball is that the ball should be hit with either fist or arm and you will not be allowed to strike the ball with open hands. Five players are allowed on each side and the ball will not be allowed to bounce more than three times for scoring a point.

2) Broomball

It can be described as a recreational ice game and players will have to score goals using the broom. Six players will be included in a team and the team that scores maximum goals by hitting the ball into the opponent's net will be declared as the winner. This sport has close similarity with ice hockey and the shaft of the broom will be made with aluminum or wood or graphite. The broom will also have a rubber-molded triangular head and the players should wear shoes instead of skates.

3) Gateball

A court generally made of grass with a length of 20-25 meters and a width of 15-20 meters will be used to play this game and it can be described as one of the most interesting and unusual team sports. The Gateball court will have a goal pole and three gates. Gateball will be played between two teams and each team should have five players. Numbered balls will be given to each player and the players will earn one point for hitting through the gate. If a player hits the goal pole he/she will get two points and the team that scores maximum points within the duration of 30 minutes will be declared as the winner.

4) Stoolball

Stoolball can be described as the forerunner of cricket and all equipment that are required for cricket are also needed for this game. 11 players will be allowed in each side and some times, these games are played with 6 members on each side as well. Both teams will be allowed to have an innings each exactly like limited over cricket and the bowlers will try to get the batsmen out. At the same time, the batsmen will try to score runs and an over will comprise of eight balls instead of six in cricket.

5) Netball

A good number of people consider netball as one of the most popular and unusual team sports and this game will be played between two teams consisting of 7 players on each side. Rectangular courts having raised goal rings at each end will be used to play netball and the duration of this game will be 60 minutes. Each team should try to score goals by shooting it through its goal ring and the players will pass the ball down the court during their attempts to score goals. A player will be allowed to hold the ball only for three seconds before passing to another player and highly attractive netball uniforms including skirts and tops add great glamour to this sport.






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