Anna Wintour Misses Inauguration for Dior Couture

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Looks like Anna Wintour might be in the process of removing herself from the political discourse since she attended the Dior Couture spring/summer 2013 show rather than showing up for President Obama's inauguration. Maybe the fashion insider won't be going after that ambassador position after all.


Say you drew a Venn diagram about people that cared about both Dior Couture spring/summer 2013, which showed this morning in Paris, and the ongoing inaugural festivities in Washington, D.C. We’d venture that Anna Wintour would be in the middle oblong portion, skewing slightly toward Barack Obama. But it turns out corporate interests won out and there she was, front row, next to Hamish and his shitty vintage point-and-shoot, as Raf Simons’s looks walked the runway in France. Read More

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