Another Humorous Vickie's Photoshop Blunder

Victoria's Secret


Victoria’s Secret is becoming synonymous with photoshop abuse, overuse and lack of designer/editor common sense. We have seen limbs removed, bodies contorted and inches whittled away to a scary, alien-like version of a woman. It’s amazing it keeps happening as they have gorgeous models and they keep getting caught abusing the editing software.

This mishap involves a half boob job. Yup, some whacky designer left this poor model with one bulging cup and the other looking a little less shapely. Either this is the natural size/shape of the model at that angle (that still should have been resolved) or doing a fill boob job was too costly for the designer. Check out the strange image that will have you tilting your head wondering, what exactly happened. The full story and comments are available on the Huffington Post.


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