Are Turtlenecks Cool Again?

Kutcher and Jobs

jOBS/Steve Jobs

Alright, I'll answer the question of whether turtlenecks are stylish or not straightaway: No, they're really not. Just because Steve Jobs pretty much always wore one doesn't mean they're going to pick up in the menswear trends anytime soon. At least I really hope they don't, if your neck is cold get a nice tartan scarf, for Pete's sake.


On the occasion of this weekend’s premiere of the Steve Jobs biopic, jOBS, at Sundance, we are ever reminded of his iconic allegiance to the turtleneck. (Ashton Kutcher seems to have done a fine job of pulling it off himself.)

In fact, ever since we told the menswear-osphere to stop fearing the turtleneck, we’ve been noticing dapperly swaddled necks popping up everywhere—we won’t take full credit for the garment’s renaissance—on runways, in magazines, at tradeshows and even in our favorite menswear shops. Read More

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