Art, Culture and Business Sprouting in Washington DC

Incubator, 1776

Tech Cocktail

Though businesspeople and artists have always had a natural disdain for each other's work, Washington DC is becoming the kind of city where both can flourish quite well. At least as far as those who are new to each scene is concerned. With a young population full of fresh aesthetic and business ideas, DC is becoming a hot spot for hip members of both camps.


The Odd Fellows Temple in Washington's Penn Quarter is nearly 100 years old — older, in fact, if you ignore the time they tore it down and rebuilt it in 1917. The seven-story edifice still houses the English fraternal order for which it was named. But now much of its interior has been given over to office and retail space. Read More

... That’s the smoldering undercurrent of “Mies Julie,” the unflinching South African adaptation of August Strindberg’s, “Miss Julie.” In a contemporary reworking of Strindberg’s classic play, internationally acclaimed director Yael Farber has ingeniously transposed this 1888 parable of class and gender struggles to a remote, South African estate 18 years post-Apartheid. Read More

DC is awash in murals. Four new murals recently went up as part of an arts festival sponsored by Heineken. Ward 7 residents banded together to give a beloved restaurant a mural. And a filmmaker's making a documentary about what murals mean to DC's culture. Read More

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