Athenian Foresight

It is almost as if thousands of years ago the Grecians knew we, today, would have a propensity to travel the globe just to look at interesting things, because that is exactly what Athens is: the best place in the world for sightseeing. They apparently knew that we would stand in awe thousands of years after their civilization fell at the tremendous accomplishments of sites like the Parthenon, where mathematical perfection was achieved without a digital calculator.


Even with all the grandeur of their archaic constructions, they also seem to have had the foresight that Athens would become an amazing modern city as well. This is considering they must have known the luxurious King George Palace hotel would be built for travelers to bask in classic opulence while taking a break from seeing the sights. Likewise, there is no way that they wouldn’t have known that the Pallas Theater was going to be built, since Greece is so well known for its performance arts; why wouldn’t future Athenians have a world-class theater to go to, right?


And, depending on who you talk to, Greece is most famous for its amazing array of food and decadent cuisine, which means that Athens’ ancestors must have had the foresight to know first-rate restaurants like Funky Gourmet, where late-night eating meets a hip atmosphere, or Avocado, one of the best vegetarian restaurants on the planet, would follow in their wake.


They had to know all this was coming. If not, modern man is just insanely lucky to have as wonderful a city as Athens to visit, where old meets new in a way that will leave you in awe.



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