Aztec Dagger sells for $105,000 at Tiffany?s

Aztec Dagger Sells at Tiffany?s

A rare dagger inspired from the ancient Aztecs  has sold for $105,000. The one of a kind dagger was designed  in the early 1900s by G. Paulding Farnham. The dagger was expected to sell for a price between $10,000 to $20,000 without reserve. The dagger finally sold to an institution and is meant for their permanent collection.

Designed by G. Paulding Farnham in the early 1900s, this powerful piece was executed in sterling, ivory and faceted obsidian. Farnham’s use of obsidian was in direct homage to the Aztec culture where they used obsidian to create the sharpest daggers possible, even sharper than diamonds.

Farnham was Tiffany’s chief jewelry designer from 1891 to 1908 and is regarded as the most eminent jewelry designer Tiffany ever employed. His works are scarce and highly sought after worldwide.

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