Balducci Gift Baskets to the Rescue

Mama Balducci's Pantry Gift Basket

Balducci's Market

It all started with a produce stand run by "Pop" Balducci in Brooklyn. Now after 96 years and multiple restructurings, Balducci’s is a flagship destination for gourmands the nation over online along with 6 physical stores located in Maryland, Virginia, New York and Connecticut. After all these years, produce is still hand-selected, only prime cuts of meat will do, and the fish is flown in fresh daily from the dock. If you walk into any of their shops, you get on site chef prepared dishes, the finest imported cheeses and other delicacies, and a variety of meats roasted and smoked in the Old World tradition.

Their most timely accommodation to procrastinators like myself, especially during this time of year, Balducci's packs up gift baskets bulging with signature treats that made this market great from the beginning! No longer do you have to agonize over which snacks or quality ingredients to send to your loved ones or business associates. Balducci's sends out baskets which gather together their signature offerings in one self contained package.

Thanks to Balducci's, I had the opportunity of sampling their Mama Balducci's Cupboard gift basket. Homemade pasta and sauce, fresh-baked granola, an array of signature chocolate bars, German raspberries, wildflower honey, the list goes on. You're ensured that each item is truly special. Order now to save yourself the humility of being accused of not being in the giving spirit!

Photos courtesy of Balducci's & Steve Mirsky. Coverage made possible by participating in a sponsored sampling.

Steve Mirsky

Balducci's Direct from Italy Pasta

Steve Mirsky

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