Banana Republic Takes Heat for 'Mad Men' Collection

Banana Republic

Apparently thin people didn't exist in the 1960s because people are getting all kind of upset over Banana Republic's Mad Men inspired fashion collection model Coco Rocha. Whether or not they have a point is irrelevant, what's really important is obviously that season six will be starting soon!


Banana Republic's latest Mad Men collection, fronted by Coco Rocha, came out today in time for the show's sixth season, which starts April 7. When the campaign was posted on the brand's Facebook page, however, numerous commenters complained about how thin Rocha is compared to Mad Men's curvaceous characters. As a successful model and famous woman, Rocha has endured plenty of criticisms about her body over the years (too thin, too fat, etc.), and it's pointless to fuel that conversation. But in this case, people are objecting that Rocha doesn't reflect the hourglass silhouettes popularized by the show's costumes, not that there's anything "wrong" with her weight in general. Read More

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