Bane Coat - The Dark Knight Rises

Bane Coat

Welcome to the fascinating world of Superheroes – a collection of characters that empower you to think even for the highly impossible & adventurous! From childhood to adulthood, superheroes promise us to keep us entertained with their amazing characterization and sheer attraction. We have observed many superheroes coming and going; however only a few of them have managed to leave an impact that is worthwhile.

Batman is one such character that has entered in our subconscious mind. Every Batman movie elevates the level of entertainment that we expect from a true Superhero movie. The recent part of Batman series; Dark Knight Rises (2012) is captivating and breathtaking storyliner, which takes us in the world, where everyone begins to wonder where the Batman is. On the voyage to discover his presence, the story gives us loads of enjoyment.

Though all of the characters of the movie have their share in the success, the character Bane, played by tom hardy, was one of its kinds. The streak observed in the character was worth-dying for! One of the prime reasons why the character got his share of popularity was his amazing apparel. The character sported state of the art apparel which made him look mesmerizing.

We believe that you deserve to sport such amazing pieces too; hence we present to you, The Dark Knight Rises Bane Coat. Made from real leather, the comfort level of the jacket comes from the shearling lining. The shearling lining on the collar of the jacket is extremely graceful and chic. The stitching of the jacket is highly durable, adding definite class to the jacket.

From the loop style buttoning of the jacket to its rugged and distressed stance, every aspect of the jacket speaks for itself. So if, you believe that you deserve to wear something spectacular this season, then getting the Tom Hardy Bane Real Leather Coat would definitely be a very smart move.

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