Beatshare Makes Music the New Medium in Messaging


Photos Credit: Beatshare

Beatshare, the pioneer in music messaging technology, has watched the rise of emoji’s, stickers, bitmoji, internet memes, and gifs. The company has found a way to unleash the power and potential of music within the evolving menu of messaging tools. Each individual using Beatshare is empowered to match clips from over 100 million songs to photos or videos in a way that elevates messages to a personalized art form. 

Beats sent through the app resonate with recipients in ways words and pictures simply aren’t equipped to do on their own.

“We believe music should be a central component to the way we communicate and that’s precisely why we created Beatshare,” says Eli Aizenstat, founder and CEO at Beatshare.“Whether you’re a creator or spectator, Beatshare taps into the intrinsic power of music. When the beat drops, chorus hits, and a hook repeats, it evokes powerful feelings.”

Beatshare executed its vision across currently accessible platforms in a remarkable fashion. Full music catalogues from Apple Music, Spotify Premium and SoundCloud are integrated in Beatshare, which creates an unrivaled user experience and features a slick design.


The technology allows users to easily package intimate thoughts into a 10 second multimedia message either for direct chats with a contact or to a group of close friends and relatives, who are connected through the iOS app or iMessage extension. Having a tool to create rich media accessible within messaging enables users to create and send truly impressive, unique material, and to do so in ways so familiar, they’re second nature.

Aizenstat, the 24 year-old entrepreneur of Beatshare, points out that millennials listen to three hours of music per day and send on average a constant flow of 120 daily messages. Beatshare unites the two. Sharing a Beat with a friend connects them with the sender’s now. It’s not a tired old selfie, so one-dimensional. A Beat is a dynamic clip layered in sound, sight and emotion. The ease of use and integration represents a breakthrough in communication with the potential to rock the way mobile junkies who are crazy about music interact.

To join the Beatshare movement visit @AppBeatshare and download the app for free from the IOS App Store or the new iMessage App Store. 


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