Becoming a Celebrity Stylist

Celebrity fashion is often a source of trends and styles that ordinary people live by. If you see a new type of dress or skirt or shoes worn by a famous star, chances are everybody would start wanting to wear the same thing. However, did you know that most of the time, it isn’t really the celebrities themselves who decide what they’ll be wearing? This is very true especially for when they have to be in big events, galas, formal gatherings, and awards ceremonies. They have a celebrity stylist to help them look their best wherever they go.

Being a celebrity stylist is a serious career choice. It requires a lot of dedication and passion, but it can be just as rewarding in the end. If mixing and matching clothing items and accessories is something you feel you’re really good at, especially if it’s something you love and enjoy, then, chances are, you’re going to be a natural at this job. If you’re thinking about starting a career in celebrity fashion, here are some things that you need to know:

●        Make your brand. This means that you need to know what your “niche” is, so to speak. You can do this by collecting and collating some designs that you have in mind - or perhaps previous ones you’ve done in the past. Take a look at them and see what things they have in common. Is there a general theme? A trend? A style? Whatever it is, it is good to have something to offer that is unique and entirely [insert your name here]. This will be your branding - the one fashion style that you will be known by and that will make you stand out from the crowd.

●        Do your homework. As we said earlier, this job is more than just playing dress-up. You need to keep yourself abreast with all the latest trends in the industry. Whether it’s from attending fashion shows, celebrity events, or by simply browsing through the web and flipping through magazines, you have to do your share of research. It can also help to see what other stylists and designers are up to. You don’t want to disappoint by dressing up a big movie star with a dress that might as well have come from last decade’s fall collection.

●        Lay the groundwork. Once you’ve established your reign in the industry, it’s time to make connections - with boutique owners, department store staff, and even with regular buyers from shops where celebrities are known to frequent. After all this, create a portfolio of your work - this will be crucial if you want your designs to reach your target audience. The more professional your portfolio is (go to a professional photo studio or hire a photographer and models), the better. This way, your designs will be showcased in the best light possible.

●        Sell, sell, sell. Marketing yourself is important in the industry. The connections and relationships that you have with who’s who will determine how many clients you’ll have sooner or later. Do this by going to as many events and fashion shows as you can. Introduce yourself, of course - don’t be a wallflower! - to editors, agents, other stylists, buyers, and of all people, celebrity publicists. This way will help get your name and your brand out there. The rule of proximity applies here: the closer you get to a celebrity (and his/her entourage), the higher the chances of you dressing him/her. With this in mind, always bring a copy of your portfolio just in case an opportunity comes your way. You can even ask for exchange of contact information.

●        Reach out. If you’ve been meaning to update that contact list and address book, this is the perfect time to do so. Update your phone contacts and address book after each event, given that you’ve met new people. Don’t neglect the relationships that you’ve already formed in the fashion community, too. Whenever a new collection or design comes out of your brand, you can let these connections know by sending them an e-mail message.

●        Get a PR rep. Everyone who is someone in the fashion and celebrity world has a public relations (PR) representative. Either this or a fashion agency. The rep will be responsible for doing all the networking trouble whenever there are events. And this will give you access to the best ways to reach celebrity crowds, all the while giving a better image for your brand and company. As soon as you have established your mark, it’s good to get things professional instead of having to do all the marketing on your own - it’s no secret that it’s no easy job. Besides, with all the styling and designing, you already have a lot on your plate.

Always remember to act professionally at all times, whether it’s with fellow designers and celebrity fashion consultants, stylists, publicists, or the celebs themselves. If all goes well, you don’t even have to reach out to the stars - it’ll be them who will come knocking on your door for fashion advice and clothes to wear. The biggest fashion stylists today all started from scratch, with zero connections. Through hard work and dedication, anything is possible. Having said all this, all you have to do now is put on a show, make some designs, and you’re on your way to becoming a celebrity fashion expert!

Petric Williums is associated with SmartBargains and often writes about celebrity style. He likes to go for shopping and buy Mechanical Watches for him.

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