Benefits of Having a MSIC - Maritime Security Identification Card

MSIC is an abbreviation for a Maritime Security Identification Card. This sort of ID is given to particular people who have the need to enter a maritime security zone in Australia or a regular basis in order to perform their work. Without it, these people would lose both time and working efficiency, since without it, it is considered to be very hard to enter a maritime security zone and when you do, you are constantly supervised by a maritime security official, while you are working. This card was introduced by the Australian government, when the law giving body of this country enhanced the security of various maritime security zones by law, naturally.

First of all here is some useful information about the Maritime Security ID Card:

●             A Maritime Security Identification Card is not an entry card. If you have a MSIC, this doesn’t mean that you can enter a maritime security zone that easily. It is definitely easier to enter such a zone with it, then without it, but a card holder is almost always subjected to some questioning by the security personnel at the maritime zone. This is required by law.

●             You have to send an application form in order to get a Maritime Security ID Card. Also, you have to pass a background check. All the information regarding the application process is supplied by the card issuing body. The person who wants the card issued should follow these instructions carefully. A card can be valid for either 2 or 4 years, depending on how much money you give the card issuing body, when applying for a MSIC. After this time passes the application process has to be repeated in order to renew the card.

●             A Maritime Security Identification Card is issued for one person, and one person only, so if you have a MSIC, do not lend it to anyone, in any possible situation.

●             When you get the Maritime Security ID Card, you are advised to keep it with you at all times. You can get fined if you don’t.

The maritime security card has its benefits. They are listed below:

●             With the Maritime Security Identification Card you get the possibility of entering a maritime security zone completely unescorted. Without it, you would be under constant supervision of certain maritime security officers. Working unescorted has proven to be very beneficial to the overall working efficiency, psychologically speaking. It is only natural that you will work better without any kind supervision then with it. Just remember how you felt when you were supervised by your, for example, chemistry teacher, when you were practicing experiments at school, and you will get the picture.

●             Since you have undergone the previously mentioned background check, you cannot be charged and prosecuted for certain crimes, by law. These crimes include the possession of firearms, or kidnapping, or the disturbance of peace, or any other violent act for that matter. The card functions as a sort of insurance that you are a psychologically stable person, and therefore you are not prone to criminal activities. However, if you choose to exercise your freedom, and behave violently and not according to law, you will undergo a special kind of prosecution. At the end of it, you will lose your card. Therefore you will lose your job in the maritime business, and you will also lose the possibility to get another job in this business for a long time (in some cases, never).

I will again give emphasis on the importance of having a MSIC card if you are working any sort of maritime related job in Australia. It has improved my overall working efficiency and my job opportunities in general. The application process can be a bit difficult, but once you pass all the background checks and send all the necessary documentation to the government issuing body, and you finally get the card, you are free to exercise your working abilities. I guarantee that you will find that everything stated above is true.

With this I conclude this article. I think that this is, actually, all there is to know about the benefits of owning a MSIC. Further information can be found by asking around and looking for answers on the internet.

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