Best Five Activities you can have at Corbett National Park

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Corbett takes you to the world which is stimulatingin itself, when you rock and roll along the trails of the plushy-bushy dense jungles and discover different kinds of wild species and mostfavorably the king of the jungles- the Indian tiger.  Corbett Reserve which issignificantly known for the save tiger project, initiates and encourages peopletowards wildlife conservation.

Established in 1936, the park is being recognizedas Corbett Tiger Reserve and the successful attempts of the tiger project made it anational park in the year 1957. So, the location is Uttarakhand state in Nainital district where the Himalayan foothills are being stuffed with majorvarieties of flora and fauna to make it an ecotourism destination.

But interestingly the Corbett is not only the destinationfor wildlife tourism and witnessing the endangered species but genuinelythis is the place that brings different recreational activities. We willdiscuss some of the best five adventurous and leisure activities for you soyou can explore the best part of India wildlife tourism. Paying an enthusiastic visit to the Corbett National Park willreally bring the sojourn feeling for you and you will earn the best part of Corbett wildlife increments.  

1.     Wildlife Safaris: Since the park is meant for the wild creatures with the ruling tigers, a safari tour at this region is worth it. Pick your choice elephant safari, jeep safari or the canter safari, Corbett excels all and brings the real wilderness amidst the dense environment of the predators’ home. You can explore the most endangered and wild species very closely, observe their movements and get their complete study easily and safely.

2.     Birding in Jim Corbett: Corbett is also a suitable home for large amount of avi-fauna species. So if you are an ornithologist or a bird-lover, birding tour in Corbett is perfect for you to discover almost 580 bird species. And remember, November to March is the perfect time for the bird lovers to encounter even the migratory species. So plan your trip now as the best time is approaching.

3.     Rafting, Bridge slithering and river crossing in Kosi River: If you are much prone to mischievous activities, Kosi River in Corbett has different options for you including rafting, bridge slithering and river crossing which are possible in rainy seasons. With the help of the supervision of expert instructors you can make this activity more slithering and enjoyable.   

4.     Fishing and Angling: Some famous spots of Corbett like Machula Bridge and Van Ghat pools along the famous Ramganga River bring the fishing and angling experience for you. You can get the opportunity to catch the giant species of fish like Goonch/ Cat Fish and Golden Mahasheer Fish with best angling season of spring season and October- November months. Give it a try for you this time for more exploration.

5.     Luxurious stay at forest lodges: we know staying is the most neededoptionfor the tourists and if it is being crafted with best services the trip becomesomething more steady and comfortable. Interestingly the whole Corbett is beingcategorized into different zones and these zones are being illuminated withdifferent forest lodges for convenient stay.  Jhirna, Dhikala, Domunda, Bijrani and Sonanadiare the zones that being the best Corbett lodges like: Dhikala Forest Lodge, Sarapduli Rest House, Sultan Rest House, Gairal Rest House and Khinnanauli Rest House.

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