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With our return to our monthly Top 10, this month we celebrate the launch of the best First Class cabins around the world. There are so many good airlines, yet becoming the best is way harder than you might think. We’ll check for you much more than just the cabin space. Technology now has reached a level where the In-Flight-Entertainment is fairly identical throughout the airlines, meaning the main differences can be found in the seats comfort, service, dining and lounge options.

#10: Jet Airways: It’s not a first class similar to the standard companies, Jet Airways have a private bed with door as a private cabin for your privacy to make your flight better then ever.Lounge: Jet Airways first class voyagers enjoy from Etihad First Class Lounge in London Heatrow airport including Champagne Bars , shower facilities, massage chairs and SPA treatments.Cabin: Sleeping in a flat bed in your private bedroom and a five-course meal from selection of world-class cuisine and glass of “Dom Perignon”.

Jet Airways Private Cabin

#9: Lufthansa : known as the leading European airline, providing more and more services for the luxurious traveler as private jet services. Lufthansa First Class has received the best possible rating in the renowned Skytrax rankingLounge: several First Class Lounges are available for Lufthansa travelers in Munich, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf and New York.  Frankfurt also has a special First Class Terminal with personal assistance, exclusive lounge with bathrooms and a wonderful comfort zone.Cabin: Whatever type of aircraft you are flying on, you will always enjoy the utmost comfort on board , and the sea becomes a fully flat two-meter-long bed. Lufthansa colobrate with luxury hotel chains to create  delicious regional dishes for you.

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Lufthansa First Class

#8: Qantas: The Australian airline provides you a wonderful experience starting at the check-in with a chauffeur service from your home or hotel.Lounge: You are welcome to enjoy from a signature menu created by leading Australian restaurateur, Neil Perry – Rockpool group of restaurants.Cabin: Enjoy Quantas fully flat, extra-wide bed of up to 212cm on our Airbus-380 and 200cm on our Boeing-747. As Quantas Lounge you will enjoy from Neil Perry  eight-course tasting menu or choose to dine with an a la carte menu offering signature dishes

Quantas First Class

#7: Virgin Atlantic: The Brithis enterpanour Sir Richard Brnason airline brings you a new concept of first class, it starts in its name “Upper Class”. Your experience will start with chauffeur transfer services make you feel like you’re on a luxury flight from the moment you leave for the airport.Lounge: During the morning you can enjoy an English buffet breakfast or an ‘A La Carte’ Menu is available from 11:30am at the London Heathrow clubhouse lounge with tea time for evening. More than that you can enjoy the shower and the SPA treatments. Clubhouse lounges available at Heatrow, Gatwick, JFK, NewArk, Washington, San Francisco, Hong Kong and Tokyo.Cabin: On-board you can have a drink at the Fururistic bar or enjoy the bed Virgin say: “you’ll enjoy one of the best sleeps in the sky”

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Virgin First Class, London Heatrow Clubhouse

#6: Ana: All Nipon Airways is the Japanese carrier that offers unique luxury and a wonderful connection to the Far-East and Oceania. Probably you will not use ANA for a flight from London to New York.Lounge: The ANA SUITE LOUNGE offers own independent space to relax with the promise of incomparable luxury, and many facilities include business area with a light meal and beverage serviceCabin:  All Nippon offers a luxurious first square, with 23″ LCD and Japanese cuisine or modern European cuisine

ANA All Nippon – First Square

#5 : Qatar Aiways: is a sovereign Arab emirate, located in Persian Gulf and offer great connection between Europe and the far east. Flying Qatar brings you the Arabian hospitality on-board.Lounge: The Oryx lounge at Doha airport offers a quiet and comfortable place to relax before a flight. First Class travelers can escape the busy departure hall and enjoy the lounge’s Arabian hospitality with five-star dinning and pamper yourself at the SPA .Cabin: Qatar Airways spacious First Class cabin is designed for you to feel refreshed after your journey with ample stowage options and an ultra comfortable flat bed, four Celebrity Chefs collaborate exclusively with us to create a unique and diverse menu with  comprises award-winning vintages personally selected by Master of Wine, James Cluer

Qatar Airways First Class – Oryx Lounge

#4: Cathay Pacific: Since the 70′s Hong Kong is not a China colony and offers a modern European class and style, during the years Cathay Pacific become one of the world leading airlines. The first by Cathay is newly refreshed on Boeing 777-300.Lounge: Before arriving to the Wing Lounge for first class travelers at Hong Kong international airport you will enjoy from a drink at the Champaign bar. At the Wing Lounge you will enjoy Asian and Western buffet dishes.Cabin: The first class suite seas are uncompromised leather quality with sophisticated look; and delicious food with fine wine.

Cathay Pacific First Class


#3: Etihad AirwaysEtihad Airways Abu Dhabi is your gateway visiting Dubai. One of the best airlines in the world with luxurious arabian hospitality.

Lounge: The five-star lounge at Abu Dhabi airport offers you six senses SPA with free 15-minutes treatment and well with the Champaign bar and the Cigar lounge  that whatever your preference – strong or mild, American or Cuban.Cabin: The Diamond First Class travelers enjoy higher levels of comfort and and more personal space and 23″ LCD TV – private dining and A La Carte menu.Cabin: The Diamond First Class travelers enjoy higher levels of comfort and and more personal space and 23″ LCD TV – private dining and A La Carte menu.

Etihad First Class experience

#2:  Singapore Airlines Singapore airline just refreshed their First class and offers a journey unlike any other – designed together with BMW Group DesignworksUSA, offer passengers superior comfort and privacy in a modern and welcoming cabin.Lounge:  The SilverKris lounge offers everything you wish to have at a first class lounge including fine dining, and showers or relaxation area.Cabin: Singapore Airlines cabin is unique offers a wide bed (35 inch) and a 24″ full-HD LCD screen. and a gourmet masterpieces created by our International Culinary Panel of world-renowned chefs.

Singapore Airline First Clas – 35″ wide bed

#1: Emirates: Emirates is the leading first class in the world, offers private suite and gourmet dining and even on board.Lounge: The Emirates Lounge available in many airports over the glob, but the Dubai lounge including more than all with free-cigar bar, fine dining and even children’s play areas for your comfort to relax before your flight.Cabin: More than a private suite and gourmet dining and unlike any other the Emirates Airbus 380 offers onboard lounges for the business-first travelers offer the perfect mid-flight diversions .PRESTIGA: Enjoy a Rolls Royce Phantom rental in Dubai during your stay

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