Best Places to Grab Delicious Thai Street Food in Bangkok

Thai Food

Thai Food is one of the biggest allures to any traveler catching low cost flights to Bangkok. The glittering capital of Thailand houses thousands of Thai Restaurants in Bangkok looking to pamper tourists with a complete range of mouthwatering Thai cuisines. Move just away of its monuments, big shopping malls, trafficked freeways and you’ll find a mystery of small street food eating joints offering untouched flavors of Thai cuisines.

No long you ground at Bangkok International Airport through your cheap flights to Bangkok, an inescapable crowd of big flashy resorts, elite hotels and bistro drags you under its surveillance. However, voyagers shouldn’t let this wave take them away from trying Bangkok’s street food.

But, now the question is where to go and what to choose? Here, Crystal Travel is telling you where to go in Bangkok and what to order to satisfy your appetite for the best Thai food. 

1. Yaowarat Region

Hop off from your cheap London Bangkok Flights; and on the way to your hotel in Bangkok, don’t forget to collect some instant information from your cab driver about city’s mini china town, Yaowarat region. The area is home of city’s best offerings for foodies. A big range of quick street food can be found at most of the time of days and nights here.

Opt for a delicious meal including but not limited to well fried pig, burnt duck or imply try few from a distinct range of soups like shark fin soup, bird’s nest soup and Kuay Jap Noodle soup. Also, you can catch some cultural happenings in the center of market at late hours.

The best time to visit here is indeed evening time but for that you should prepare yourself for facing a mega crowd in its congested streets. Mostly shops and vendors here get busy from evening to late nights. 

2. Ratchawat Market

For travelers coming to Bangkok with recommendation from expert UK travel agents to must miss try roasted ducks on Bangkok trip, Ratchawat market area is defiantly worth exploring. Situated in most hygienic parts of Bangkok surrounding with plush parks, lush green gardens and maze of canals, this area is way perfect to offer travelers golden chance to grab best of traditional street food in Bangkok.

Consume a combo of Panang Gai and Gai Pad Pongali for your lunch or pick some Kobe Beef Noodles with fried curry shark to tempt your soul immediately.

3. Bang Khun Non

Native land of biggest community of street food stall hawkers of the city offers travelers a multitude of mesmerizing Thai cuisines. Take Pork Noodle Soup as a starter and make your day with a supreme combination of Pork Satay, Fried Mussels with Bean Sprouts and Spicy Basil Chicken for your meals.

Additionally, eating Bangkok’s best street food you can capture some remarkable memories to take home back with your cheap flights to London from Bangkok or to wherever you want. However, some shops open for limited hours only. So, ask locals for better experience.

4. Rangnam Region

Catch the best scenery of best Thai food in Bangkok’s streets at Rangnam Region. The area is widely popular amidst locals; and travelers arriving here from various corners of the world taking cheap flights to Bangkok shouldn’t miss it anyhow. This part of the city is known for its rows of vibrant bars, posh restaurants, but the biggest attraction is number of street food stalls that usually start to happen in after hours of day.

Grab few most well known dishes of Bangkok here like Fried Noodles, Kuay Teow Rhua, Som Tum Boat Noodles, Pad See Ew, Kow Mun Gai and many more make sure that you are going to miss their divine magic for days. Lucky voyagers can also get here chance to watch Thailand’s cultural dancing shows too.


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