Best Shopping in Amsterdam

This cosmopolitan center of Dutch life is a vibrant city bursting at the seams with world-class shopping opportunities for the discerning customer. With a great collection of shop-centered streets, malls and unique boutiques spread all over Amsterdam, this city is a great place to spend some cash updating a wardrobe or just buying gifts for those back home. If you are going to be in Amsterdam and know you have an itch for shopping, make sure to plan to visit one of these great locations.


De Negen Straatjes - Translated to “The Nine Little Streets,” this area is a favorite among visitors to Amsterdam and provides guests with a unique collection of stores and an originally scenic shopping experience.


Utrechtsestraat - One of the more trendy shopping areas in Amsterdam, Utrechtsestraat can keep serious shoppers busy for hours with their collection of boutique and specialty shops. One of the best types of products to keep an eye out for here are the housewares, they won’t disappoint.


Pieter Cornelisz Hooftstraat - Where to well-to-do go shopping and others go to window shop, P.C. Hoofstraat is home to the biggest names in the luxury fashion industry. If you are a label hunter, this is the part of Amsterdam that you are going to want to head to immediately.


De Jordaan - Full of small galleries, boutiques and studios, De Jordaan is a shopping location in Amsterdam where you will likely find the next piece of art or decoration that will go up in your home. Lots of second-hand stores litter the area as well, making vintage clothing something very worth keeping your eyes peeled.

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