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Best way to travel, via private jet?
By: DevineGlobalSol   |    April 17, 2014   |   2 Responses (2) (0)

Hello Fellow Luxe members,

I'm looking to travel on private jet, for business and personal. Knowing that some legs on the trips are emepty, in the case of point as Charter or personal. What is the best way to go about, finding the best rates and people to speak with on this matter?

Thanks In Advance,

Devine Global Sol


DevineGlobalSol commented on April 22, 2014

Thanks Brian, for the information you have given me. Also what companies and or owners have the Best rates and flexible as well?

Brian Daniel commented on April 21, 2014

Because this market is so competitive, it's quite easy to get competitive rates from a number of companies. As you mentioned, buying empty legs is the way to go. In some cases, it's cheaper to buy an empty leg than it would be to travel commercial (depending on how many people are traveling).

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