Best Wine Gift Baskets

Harry & David Blue Canyon Gift Basket

Harry & David

If you had to pick a wine that would pair best with a wide array of milk chocolate treats along with dried fruits and nuts, which one would it be? Harry & David, America's iconic gourmet gift basket purveyor, decided that their house made Merlot is the perfect match.

My taste buds agree since Harry & David's Merlot bursts forth with dark berries & chocolate tempered with just the right bite of tannins to cut through all the milk chocolatey goodness of their Blue Canyon gift basket.

Stuffed with treats like Moose Munch® Bark, chocolate grahams, truffles, chocolate blueberries, a cookies & cream chocolate bar, as well as a dried fruit mix, and mixed nuts, this Merlot's decisive bouquet dense with spice and hints of tobacco is nicely warm and tingly on the palate with a delicate molasses on the nose.

It comes as no surprise to me that Harry and David got this pairing down right. They've been in the gourmet gift basket business for close to 80 years first selling perfectly ripe Royal Riviera pears sourced from 240 prime acres of orchards in Southern Oregon's Rogue River Valley. They gradually evolved to including homemade confections and other natural treats for increasingly sophisticated flavor experiences. It wasn't until 2012 when they started offering their own wines carefully matched to their baskets' specific flavor profiles.  Something to celebrate year round!

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