Betsey Johnson Bounces Back To Fashion Fore

Bestey In New Orleans

2008 was a hard year on everyone, especially those in luxury industries like fashion designer Betsey Johnson. At the top of her game and beloved by fans, even that rising star was cut down in her prime by the massive recession that followed. The time has come again, however, for this fashion sensation to rise once more to the top starting with building up her base in New Orleans.


Betsey Johnson is adorable. The flamboyant fashion queen appeared at Dillard’s in Lakeside mall Saturday (June 22), to the delight of hundreds of fans that packed the ground floor of the department store. Johnson has made a 35-year career of creating happily hectic clothing and accessory designs that run 180 degrees counter to the notion of a conservative working woman’s wardrobe.


Fortunes were unkind to Johnson in 2012, when she was reportedly forced to declare bankruptcy in the wake of the nationwide economic belly flop. Her former fashion empire may have come apart at the seams, but she’s quickly stitched together a comeback and, judging by the crowd at Dillard’s, her fans are eager to help her re-attain former glory. (Read More)

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