Betsey Johnson to Show at New York Fashion Week

Ruvan Wijesooriya

Claiming that she "just could not stay away from Fashion Week," Betsey Johnson will be holding a show at the weeklong event. Though her showing was previously doubtful due to financial concerns (that likely led to the filming of her reality show), she'll likely show up as spirited as ever, ready to make her catwalk as exciting as possible.


Following last week's announcement that Betsey Johnson — who's recovering from bankruptcy by closing all her stores, filming a reality show, and launching a new lower-priced line and a perfume — would not be showing at New York Fashion Week, the designer has apparently changed her mind. A new press release arrived this morning:

You can always expect the unexpected from Betsey Johnson. She is back! In the tents that is. After initially canceling, Betsey has decided to stage her semi-annual fashion show during this upcoming New York Fashion Week. Read More

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