Bitingly Weird Fad: Fashion Braces



Well, I'm not even sure where I should start on this one... Teens in southeast Asia are sinking their (parent's?) hard-earned money on, of all things, "Fashion braces." No, I'm not kidding. Yes, they cause all sorts of problems, especially when made out of cheap materials. What's your take on this trend? Funny and cute, or funny and stupid?


Apparently this "trend" has been going on for "years," and has the media "buzzing," so forgive me if you're already a weary old soldier in the "fashion braces" craze. I just heard about it today. Seems vaguely hoaxy, in a Mexican Pointy Boots kind of way, but then again I totally remember some twinges of confused jealousy as an orthodonture-free child. All those colorful rubberbands to pick out! So many options for seasonal coordination! Wherever there's a club—no matter how unglamorous—there's a kid who wants to be in that club. And I'm sure brace-decoration-technology (?) has only improved since I was young, making them ripe for customization and bedazzling and conspicuous consumption. Read More

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