Breath the history's air: White Vauban citadel
By: Kryss   |    Personal travel concierge for Romania | Azzurytt
February 28, 2013   |   0 Comments
They say it was a forbidden city until 2005 because it was a military unit.
They also say there is a Mathew bible from year 800 in the library and a disco bar in the former gun powder hall within southern wall.
It has the shape of a 7 pointed star – design invented by the engineer to King Louis XIV of France, the Marechal Vauban.
A sightseeing tour of the restored gates of this early 18 century fortress, considered to be the most representative Vauban fortification with bastions in Romania, is a must.
To enjoy the utmost of this experience, it is better to come at the beginning of the city’s touristic season (May) or with the winter (for Romania National Day) when there are official celebrations.
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