Breathing Life into Your House the Cheap Way

Your house is an extension of you; therefore it comes as no surprise if people are able to make accurate predictions of your personality based only on the appearance of your house. The desire to continuously remodel your interiors is natural to homeowners, regardless of career and lifestyle. Your eyes need fresh images to see, your feet need warmer carpets to feel, and your soul needs a better atmosphere to rest in. Give yourself a treat and turn your house into that paradise you have always dreamt of.

What’s stopping you? Is it money?

Relax, friend. Making lasting and beautiful changes do not need to cost a fortune. Look around you and wind up your creativity. The resources you need are hiding in the farthest corner of your daughter’s closet and in the box of forgotten things your spouse keeps in the garage.

Choosing to spend effort is healthier and more fulfilling compared to spending money. While it may not be avoided to open your wallet and draw out some cash sometimes, your refurbishing venture doesn’t have to hurt. Be practical and resourceful. Remember that if there’s a will, there are always plenty of ways.

Consider Paint

Colours bring life to any space. Buying loads of paint for this project may cost, but only a little. Borrow paintbrushes and other necessary materials from friends who like DIY projects like you. Better yet, get them involved in the remodelling of your house! They might have ideas, experiences, and tools that will enhance the outcome.

Care enough to study the proper way of painting walls. There is a correct grip to use on every kind of brush, and a prescribed number of coating for the condition of the wall you are treating. Also, it is important that you set goals before you start. Do you want the room to look smaller or bigger than it really is? Do you want it to have a classic appeal or a gothic one? Research the styles that will suit your taste. If you are inspired to create your own designs, test them on papers or small portions of the wall first. Have a trusted friend give you his opinion.

Consider Fabric

Is there not enough air and sunlight in your house? Your curtains may be dark and heavy. Liven up by removing the layers and leaving drapes that are not too thin that it would expose your private activities. Opting for blinds is a good idea. Search for them in your attic, wash them, and put them up again. If you haven’t got any, borrow from relatives or friends.

Old curtains can be pulled apart and sawn together to the style that you like. Mix and match fabrics until you get it right. Again, seek the advice of other people. Broadening your perspective is an ingredient to successful art.

Consider Wood

Wood is a timeless piece. Premier hand hewn timbers, in particular, are house ornaments that are bound to transform your house into a classic setting that radiates warmth and ease. Hand hewn timbers can cost a little over your budget, but rest assured that they are great investments. Artefacts like these require few to no additional furnishings to have a lasting impact. That is what makes this option cheap; it makes drastic modifications unnecessary.

Consider Plants

Bonsai, artificial flowers, orchids – it matters little what specie you choose. Plants have their own way of harmonizing and reconciling their differences in order to make your house inhabit that relaxed aura your body craves for at the end of a long day’s work. Plants are excellent therapeutic ornaments. You can have a bonsai plants sitting on your window ledge or flower pots scattered along corridors.

The benefits to your health are remarkable, especially now that pollution has reached its climax. Opting for real plants gives you the opportunity to have cleaner air inside your home. The plants will absorb the carbon dioxide you release and replace it with oxygen. Even better, they improve the humidity of a space with the large amounts of water they release. This is a natural means of preventing respiratory disorder, stress, and other ailments that can be blamed on lack of moisture and clean air.

Are you feeling more adventurous? Instead of purchasing these plants, why not try your hand at gardening? Once the plants are grown, transfer them to pots and place them in bedrooms, kitchens, and living rooms. Their colour and design will surely  be enough to liven any setting.


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