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Breitling Galactic


Of all the brands of luxury watches on the market today, it is fair to say that Breitling is one of the most sought after – and this is largely down to just how many celebrities there are out who can be seen sporting Breitling watches. A-list Hollywood celebrities such as Leonardo Di Caprio and celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay are just a couple of the big names out there who can be spotted wearing mens Breitling watches – and this level of endorsement makes them very popular amongst the average consumer.

It isn’t just the male celebrities who like the brand, however, ladies Breitling watches can be seen on a whole host of leading ladies – and for good reason as the luxury Swiss watchmakers are responsible for some of the most striking and stylish ladies watches on the marketplace today. There are a vast number of collections to choose from when it comes to ladies and mens Breitling watches but amongst the most popular include:

Breitling Galactic Watches – Whilst it would be somewhat cheesy to call Breitling Galactic watches ‘out of this world’, this hyperbole wouldn’t be that fair wide of the market. This incredible collection typically ranges at between £4000-7000 and you will need a big wallet to accommodate such a purchase but it will definitely be a luxury watch that lasts a lifetime.

Breitling Avenger Watches – Another fine example of what Breitling are capable of – their Avenger range is striking and luxurious in equal measure and those lucky enough to find an Avenger on their wrist will be able to revel in the knowledge that they’ve got such an expensive and sought after timepiece.

Despite the appeal of Breitling watches to so many consumers across the globe, there are a few luxury watch brands who consider themselves as pretenders to the crown. U Boat watches, for example, have many excellent collections such as the U Boat Classico watch are immensely impressive and are amongst the very best timepieces on the market.

Other luxury brands that are making their mark include the likes of Hugo Boss watches and Tag Heuer watches but for many aficionados of horology, it is difficult to look past Breitling due to their gravitas and standing within the luxury watch industry – something which is impossible to deny.


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