Buddhism in India-A law of Karma
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Buddhism is a much influenced religion all over the world and its main aim is to teach people the real essence of Dharma. Buddhism in India is the very rational philosophy and spiritual doctrine that attract people to know the law of Karma.

Buddhist places in India are the most holy shrines which for many years have been the focal points of cultural inclinations. The Buddhist Tour in India categorize into several tours like Bodhgaya tour etc and these tour takes you on an excursion of most sanctified lands of Bodhgaya, Lumbini, Sravasti, Kushinagar, Ajanta and Ellora Buddha caves.

Bodhgaya: - At the age of 29 Prince Siddhartha Gautama left all worldly comfort and went to Bodhgaya to achieve enlightenment to seek solution to the problems of this mundane world.

Lumbini: - Prince Siddhartha Gautama was born into a royal family in Lumbini at Nepal and was believed by all regal members that he would be the greatest warrior prince.

Sravasti: - The sacred place where lord shows his first miracle was also his favorite rainy season retreat nucleus where he preached the real art of living to attain salvation.

Kushinagar: - A very sacred place where Lord Buddha took Maha Samadhi as well as his lasting memories can be seen in all corner of the shrine. The mortal remains of lord were kept in eight folds and were given later by Emperor Ashoka.

Ajanta: - The most holy caves were the main centers of Buddhist monks who taught Buddhist rituals. The 29 caves explain the life of Lord Buddha and all sculpture has something to teach for enlightenment.

Ellora: - The caves explored in the early 19th century are the great sample of religious unity in India. The rocks carvings showcase the mixture of three religions i.e. Buddhism, Hinduism & Jainism.

Buddhism followers will undoubtedly find there Buddhist Destinations in India and the most consecrated traverse will be doubtlessly soul rewarding for all religious enthusiasts. Really moving to these most sacred places of India make anyone feels spiritual and connects to God. Visit one of these places of India and get the best wishes from the God for your upcoming life. 

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