Bulletproof Vests Coming to a Kid Near You

Bullet-proof kids


In what is likely the most knee-jerk reaction I have ever seen, concerned parents have been flooding bulletproof clothier Miguel Caballero with requests for children's garments since the Newtown, Connecticut tragedy. I can picture paranoid parents across the U.S. getting their kids ready for school in the morning, "Billy, make sure you get your homework, eat breakfast, feed the dog and put on your bulletproof vest before school."

"Aww, okay, Ma."


A garment maker that specializes in bullet-proof goods for adults is planning to manufacture and sell a line of bullet-proof clothes exclusively for children, in the wake of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Miguel Caballero has been in the garment business in Bogota, Colombia for 22 years, but has never been able to break through the U.S. market. He hopes his new line of kid’s clothes will change that.

Caballero plans to sell T-shirts, vests, and combination backpack-vests. He says the inspiration for his new business model was when he started to receive requests from worried parents after the Connecticut shooting. Read More

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