Burberry CEO Discusses the Brand and Business

Angela Ahrendts

Getty Images

This is a fascinating, well-written read by none other than the Burberry CEO herself, Angela Ahrendts. She discusses the positioning behind taking Burberry from just another old brand and turning it into a fashion luxury icon, which as you know she has done magnificently.


The Idea: Before Angela Ahrendts became Burberry’s CEO, licensing threatened to destroy the brand’s unique strengths. The answer? Centralize design and focus on innovating core heritage products.

When I became the CEO of Burberry, in July 2006, luxury was one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world. With its rich history, centered on trench coats that were recognized around the world, the Burberry brand should have had many advantages. But as I watched my top managers arrive for our first strategic planning meeting, something struck me right away. They had flown in from around the world to classic British weather, gray and damp, but not one of these more than 60 people was wearing a Burberry trench coat. Read More

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