Do Clothes Make the Man?

What to wear?’ is often one of the most agonizing decisions to make before a first date. Perhaps, you don’t have a set style or maybe you work in a business formal setting, but like to keep it casual on the weekends with your favorite jeans and a tee. And, while clothes, and our outer appearances do make an initial impression on people, the dating game is 90% confidence. Think of how many times you’ve seen an extraordinarily well-dressed person, who is unable to make eye contact, is overly apologetic or sub(consciously) engages in self-bashing. At MillionaireMatch, you’ll not only find other incredible men and women, but get insights into some of the leading discussions happening in the dating realm.

Shakespeare’s famous quote, “the clothes make the man (woman),” translates to ‘look your best and you’ll feel a little extra swagger in your stride.’ That is not to say that you ought to revamp your entire look and wardrobe according to some image of what you perceive your potential significant other would approve. It comes down to looking your personal best, being true to your style, and sometimes, taking a risk.

While there is no fixed set of rules that dictate what you should wear on a date, there are some guidelines to follow: exercise your best judgment, consult a trusted friend or stylish family member for advice, avoid overly revealing clothing, and dress appropriately according to where you’re actually going.

When in doubt, consult the people that you love and trust in your life. Sure, they may have a whole range of opinions regarding what you should wear, and may lack diplomacy, but at least they won’t let you leave your house looking like you’re about to commit a fashion felony.

Be ‘Real’

There’s nothing worse than inauthenticity. Do you want someone to fall in love with an image that isn’t you, only to end up pigeonholed into a label?

If you’re a sleek and chic sort of guy or girl, and you dress up like you’re going to a clam bake, you’re probably sending the wrong message. After all, could you see yourself in milky pastels all year round? Eventually, you’re going to crack, and you may even start to unconsciously resent the person you’re dating.

Another thing to remember is unspoken communication; our body language can (and does) signal social and emotional cues during our interactions with others, and if you’re Boho Chic, and have stuffed yourself in suit, the person your with will most likely pick up your discomfort, and your choice of outfit will not only be a visual indicator of how stifled you feel, but will also most likely manifest into your conversation. 

A Little Modesty…

This applies to both sexes. Ladies, while you may have been blessed with certain “assets,” if you go with a sheer white shirt and a black bra, a plunging neckline or pants so tight that you can’t sit down without breaking a rib, you may be sending the wrong message. Sure, there are certain “sexy” outfits that work for a night out a club or lounge, but you’re going to dinner, and you don’t want to send the wrong message. Plus, if you’re dressed like a bombshell, you’re probably not going to get to know the guy that’s sitting across from you as well because he’s going to be distracted.

And gentlemen, you’re in no way exempt. While we appreciate your washboard abs, buns of steel, etc., wearing shirts that are too tight or jeans so snug that we’re wondering the IQ of your “intellect” below the waist is, it is equally distracting, and you too, may be sending the wrong message. If both of you are approaching the date wanting something more, you’ll have plenty of time to reveal more skin in the future, but on the first date, go for a little modesty. Strike a balance between what your grandparents would have worn and what your parents disapproved of during your teenage rebellion.

Often, before a date we worry, ‘will this person like me?’ We worry about what we’ll say or clothes, our lifestyle, we make a complete catalog of our flaws, we think about ludicrous, worst nightmare scenarios, but we never once ask ourselves this: “Will I like this person?” By inverting the question, we’ve transformed ourselves from being helpless to being in a position of power- because the choice of whether or not there’s a second date is just as much up to you as it is them.

 So, now that you’re feeling a little more confident, why not take the plunge on MillionaireMatch?


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