Buying property in Dubai is now more lucrative than ever

Since the first decree in Dubai that has created freehold property rights, luxury property in Dubai has become very popular and as a result many real estate agents have come up too. Now if you want to buy luxury property in Dubai, you can get various options such as :

  • Residential Sales & Lettings

  • Commercial sales & Lettings

  • valuations

  • property management

these are offered by almost all real estate agents in Dubai. One of the most exotic locations of Dubai is the Palm Jumeriah. In order to sustain a villa or a premium apartment in this area, it would require time and effort. However, with the assistance of different real estate companies having networks of extensive marketing your work may become easier. thus the work of buying, selling, leasing of property, whether residential or commercial is much simpler now. when you are approaching a real estate company, you should watch out that they give you access to extraordinary markets without much hassle and works with efficiency in giving you full service.  Also you should check whether they are RERA approved and Ejari registered agency in order to have complete authentication to provide satisfying real estate broking. The properties you can choose from are villas, apartments, holiday homes, townhouses and real estate investment opportunities when you are buying luxury property in Dubai. Every real estate company has dedicated property specialists who will be able to help you out with any ambiguities you are facing regarding your property requirements.

Why buy properties?

If you want to invest in properties, this has since long become an adequate and admired method of achieving capital gains. Many investors from across the globe are looking at overseas properties in order to diversify their investment portfolio. This gives a better return than investing in the home markets. In this regard, Dubai has a lot of potential to offer when it comes to property investments. this is one of the main reasons many are willing to buy luxury property from Dubai. It is becoming much more than just tourist destination now as many businesses are being set up there because of the favorable tax system. The capital gains you make here are at par with other international markets and the best part is that you are not even charged any personal income tax.

What to keep in mind?

If you want to buy luxury property in Dubai, you have to be updated about the property prices prevailing. The prices of properties have increased on a yearly fashion since the global economic downturn a few years ago triggered by the mortgage bubble burst. There are some residential properties which have increased in excess of 20% in some of the more sought after residential area. Thus there have been a phenomenal increase in rent. When you are buying property in Dubai, you can get many professional property agents who deal internationally from clients ranging from UK to Australia to the US. They can educate you about the details of the property such as whether they are individual units or a project of large scale or multiple properties. 

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