Calvin Klein Goes Erotic with 2013 Spring/Summer Collection

 Wowza! Did you see the Calvin Klein Summer/Spring 2013 debut fashion show?

Francisco Costa, hosted his first runway show since he took over at Calvin Klein , and tapped into his roots and personality to show off some former neglected looks: “the sly sexuality of the founder and his own Brazilian heritage.”

The head turning collection consists of ensembles with dark bra tops and bared flesh peeking through semi-sheer fabrics or behind a mesh veil. The mix of it all is summed up in one word: erotic. Coined by Costa himself.

We were a little surprised but overall happy to see Klein mix it up and play into some feminine sensuality and appeal through fashion and innovative collaborations.

The entire line seems to tell a story that goes beyond graphic lines, feminine curves and veils of semi-transparency. Wouldn’t expect anything less from the designers. Let us know what you think of the risqué line by Klein, seen and reviewed by the New York Times.

Megan Jenkins

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