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For many people, luxury trips can be about many things including the places that they will get to visit along the way, the kinds of people they are going to meet, the kind of cultures they will get to witness and the kind of worlds they will get to experience. But for some, a big part of luxury trips is the kind of foods that they will get to partake in, and some recipes can be found only in the most exotic of places. Found here will be a food item that is largely misunderstood and quite undervalued. But if done right, it is exquisitely scrumptious.

Culinary Wonders Of Camu Camu

As a citrus fruit, Camu Camu is a specimen that many consider to possess a little too much of the essential qualities that are the reason for why such foods are sought after. That is to say, it is quite acidic, and eating it in its natural form will be quite unpleasant for most people. This then led to the presumption that the fruit is worthless as a food source.

However, there are many ways to make use of Camu Camu in the culinary sense, if only you know what to do and have the ingenuity to do them. First of these is to reduce the potency of the taste of the fruit through a variety of ways such as boiling, drying, grinding and the like. After that, you may then proceed to experiencing the gastronomic delight of your choosing.

Exotic Beverage

Typically, the natives used the by-products from the fruit to make juice and tea, but there is no reason for why this should stop there. Adding it into your favorite Darjeeling or Keemun tea would provide them with a musky, tangy aroma that is hard to resist. The same goes for when you have them mixed in with the smoothie of your liking.

Delectable Pastries

There are countless pastries that could use the acidic pleasure to suit your taste for luxurious sweets, and Camu Camu can more than provide. Simply add in a jam concoction that includes the fruit or perhaps sprinkle the powdered version atop some fancy cakes and tarts.

Then again, you can always start the mornings of your trips in a splendid manner by spreading the jam over your toast at breakfast. If you bring in any of the beverage choices brought up previously to the table, your luxury trip will have one more reason to satisfy.


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