Can Flowers Be Compared to Diamonds?

diamonds and flowers


Nature can sometimes be very luxurious. This conclusion was drawn from the fact that there are some things created solely by nature and natural processes, which cannot be found that often, but are very expensive. For example, there are some precious stones some people died looking for, and you can see not just anyone wearing these stones around their fingers or necks. The people who do are certainly stylish and wealthy. But, today, neither precious materials nor precious stones are the matter at hand. Today, we are talking about something that is indeed much more related to nature. What is the first thing that pops up in your mind when nature is mentioned? Trees? Green? Close enough. We are talking about flowers. Believe it or not, even flowers can be like stones. The ones which can be found all around us are usually those which are not that worthy (which does not mean they are not pretty). However, those low in number, which cannot be found everywhere, are a real treasure, not only to those whose job is to study flowers and plants in general, but also to every woman to whom this kind of flowers is presented. Today, we are talking about the most expensive flowers in the world.


Flowers with certain use can cost a lot

You have probably heard of a flower called saffron. I have never tasted it, although I heard it is very good. But, the interesting fact is that saffron is actually one of the most expensive kinds in the world, and a pound of it can cost up to one thousand dollars. I mention it here because of the simple fact that saffron is produced from the flower called the Saffron Crocus. The most interesting fact, however, is that the flower itself is not expensive at all. Several flowers of Saffron Crocus can be bought for a lot less than, for example, several roses. Therefore, if you are willing to add a deeper meaning to the person you are giving flowers to – you should certainly give them Saffron Crocus and tell them that something as ordinary as this can produce extraordinary things. Every flower of Saffron Crocus is a piece of art!


Beware of the endangered species! They can cost quite a bit!

Are you prepared to give a present worth five thousand dollars for the person you love, even if that present is just a single flower? You may not believe it, but there is a flower called The Gold of Kinabalu Orchid, which is a certain kind of Orchid that grows only in one limited area in Malaysia. The thing is: there are not much of these fellas left on planet Earth, and the only way to get it is to travel to the National Park of Kinabalu in Malaysia and buy a flower. You would probably have to fill out several forms in order to buy one because, let's face it, who else buys flowers that cost five thousand dollars each. Well, there are people who do and I am sure some of you will. Apart from their price, I want to mention that these flowers are indeed beautiful and their beauty is worth every penny. Their petals are usually green and contain small red spots. When you look at this flower from afar, you can notice that its petals tend to be stripped and that is one of many reasons why this flower is so unique. However, the most interesting fact about it is that it takes almost fifteen years for them to bloom. That is why they are so hard to maintain and even harder to keep alive. There are people who constantly care about them. If we were to make a comparison, we can say that this flower is like a panda. There is not a single thing bad about it except that it is on the verge of dying out.

To sum up, it does not matter which flowers you give to the ones you love. as long as you mean it. If you can afford to buy expensive ones, then do it. Just make sure that the person you are giving this kind of flowers knows how to appreciate them.




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flowers and diamonds

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