Can gold prices be suppressed? Surprisingly no as they have always gone upscale

The last few days there were massive efforts, the price of gold to press, large sell orders weighed on the market that are now processed obvious. It is still unclear whether it is merely "paper gold" options and futures traded seller, whether actual or hedge funds or even the rumored Bank for International Settlements (BIS) has laid the sell orders in the market.


But all the doom sayers, The price of gold is even after this massive sales and thus triggered decline still higher than at the beginning: On 01/01/2012 the launched gold price at 1210 Euros per ounce and is currently trading at just under 1258 Euros, a still Gold price increase of more than 3.8%.


Many investors consider their Commitment in gold (bullion coins) as a kind of "insurance" for the crisis. For example, in the event that the euro is abolished or is a currency reform or even sturdier than Eur's just now printed as a book or create money out of nothing, and therefore are worthless.


You buy gold or, collectors coins and are thus protected against inflation and currency devaluation or reform. And the Beautiful: This insurance does not even know what, as we have seen. Investors are even more close to 4% of "money" as the beginning of the year and were secured by the investment in gold against such contingencies. A similar fixed deposit for one year would have put most banks between 0.5% and 1% interest, taxable way.



Gold price trend about four times as hard money, Gold has to say by the gold price rise FOUR TIMES as well developed in 2012 as a time deposit with a bank.


Who still has spare cash, the offer at the current gold price levels affordable entry point into gold - for example when it comes to gold bullion or gold coins to buy. Almost all analysts expect a positive trend in gold prices in 2013.


Even for the "little brother" of the price of gold, the price of silver it looks good in 2013: by the recent price declines also significant recovery potential for the coming years is to see. Buyers of silver coins should therefore have their joy. It may well be that individual stocks or equity funds in the past year have shown a positive development, but how is one to know beforehand which stocks or equity funds which is the right one? With gold is likely that many investors have slept quiet - as the owner of Asian Tiger Fund. Gold: Insurance against the loss of value of their own assets. An insurance policy that cost nothing in 2012, but has even brought 3.8%.

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