Cancun, Mexico
By: Delores Skidmore   |   
September 7, 2012   |   0 Comments

This past Janurary Iwas able to go on vacation with a friend as my husband had passed in June 20`` e was going to take me but never happened, so I took him with me in a necklace I had made! it was the best thing in my life!! I stayed at Rio carbe 5 star resort for 9 nights, I really had the time of my life! I don't drink often but when it comes included and their fancy fruit drinks... you are having more fun than you know, the greatest thing about it was the people! not know arguing or fights from drinking and there was alot of it, trust me but than you eat so much that it probably soaks alot of  alchol up? right?  Cancun is gorgous the blue waters, the palm trees and I got to say the staff was fabulous with high spirits and thats a good sign when they cater to so many people. I would love to beable to take another vacation again in this lifetime, I wish my husband could of been the one to take me but at night with the bright stars on the patio off room with the sounds of the ocean and to feel the cool breeze and smell the fresh air I had my talk with him and felt at peace finally and I know he was looking down if not sitting there next to me! it was great all around

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