Candles for Dudes, Bros and Homies

Michael Harper

Normally, candles are made with feminine, floral and spiced fragrances and given names like Peaceful Palm, Smooth Vanilla and Luscious Lavender. Finally, though, a company has begun creating manly candles with scents that are more akin to men's style by being based around leathers, woods and other masculine olfactory experiences.


As much as I love working at Into The Gloss, it's hard for me, as a guy, to get even remotely excited about waterproof eyeliner and nail polish gel-strips. After two-and-a-half years of this, I still cannot tell the difference between Russian Red and Ruby Woo, and frankly, I'm OK with that. When I'm in the Gloffice, if I interject a "What an admirably bold lip, Emily!" or "Honestly, I prefer the matte finish!" I feel my work is done. But occasionally I like to stick my nose into our editorial team's business, which leads us to today's topic: candles. (Sidenote: I also banned the use of the word "obsessed.") Read More


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