Car Accessories for the New Driver

Car accessories can help raise the performance of vehicles and add on a range of additional capabilities. As such, they make excellent gifts to give to drivers, particularly new drivers who could use the extra boost but have had less time to purchase all the accessories that they might find useful.


Here are some examples of useful car accessories for new drivers:




A GPS system is a tool that can satisfy all or almost all of a new driver's navigational needs. Having one in the vehicle means being able to access both information about the vehicle's current location and directions to get to the desired destinations. Although useful while navigating through urban landscapes, having a GPS system can help save lives while traveling through the wilderness.


Roadside Emergency Kit


One of the most important car accessories that all drivers should have is a kit containing the tools and supplies needed to get them through roadside emergencies. Such kits can help drivers survive an emergency, reduce their stress, and help them get roadside assistance. Although the items contained in such kits can change depending on driving conditions, most kits contain a cell phone for contacting the authorities, a first-aid kit for patching up medical problems, some kind of beacon or flares used for signaling and alerting passing vehicles, a flashlight used for navigating at night, and a fire extinguisher. Depending on the conditions outside and the duration of the planned trip, other common items include but are not limited to food rations, bottled drinking water, extra clothing, sleeping gear, and a map of the local region.


Tools, Parts, and Supplies


On a related note to kits designed to handle roadside emergencies, tools, spare parts, and miscellaneous supplies that can be used to get the car out of roadside emergencies are also important to have. Once again, the tools, parts, and supplies that should be included depends on the local circumstance. For example, having a shovel plus salt or sand to use for traction can be quite useful should the ground be covered n snow, but the same is not true if the local conditions are bright and clear. In general, drivers should have a set of basic tools including an adaptable screwdriver, both socket and open-end wrenches, and pliers. Other tools that should be considered for inclusion include but are not limited to a gauge for checking tire pressure, tire sealant for fixing minor punctures, and a kit for fixing leaks in the coolant hose. Similarly, spare parts that should be considered include but are not limited to jumper cables and a spare tire. Be sure that the tools needed are brought along.




Of course, there are also other items and car accessories that can help make the driving experience go that much more smoothly for new drivers. One example is the owner's manual that comes with the vehicle, which can provide new drivers a wealth of information about both their vehicle and the means of caring for it.


Taylor Ritchie is a self confessed car fanatic. She is also a travel writer that spends a lot of hours in her car for work. For more gift ideas for new drivers, visit the shop.

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