Cara Delevingne Pleads for Chance at Designing


Though she's usually modeling the latest and greatest in fashion trends, Cara Delevingne would love a shot at designing simple yet fitting t-shirts and, apparently, a line of onesies. After trademarking her own name, I don't get why she just doesn't start the line herself.


Cara Delevingne wants her own T-shirt range.

The British model has admitted she hopes to design a line of simple body-con tops for women in the future, but failing that she would like to launch a collection of comfy yet fashion-forward onesies.

Speaking in a video chat with Vogue magazine, Cara revealed: ''I think there's so many important things in fashion that people don't do, like really simple cut tops, T-shirts. I love T-shirts and it's really hard to find a plain, nicely cut top for your body. Read More

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