Carson Street Clothiers in New York City

Carson Street Clothiers

Carson Street Clothiers (on Crosby Street) in New York, NY serves up killer menswear in a spectacular space. With discerning urban professionals as the target demographic, the new men's fashion shop fills a specific niche incredibly well.


A good store is the kind of place that instantly places you in an environment totally different from the world outside. It doesn't necessarily peddle a lifestyle, but it's evident that there's a strong vision behind the buy. It's the kind of welcoming place that makes you want to drop some cash there, and if the products are as compelling as the interior, that's definitely not a problem. The just-opened Carson Street Clothiers is the perfect example of great merchandise sold in an awesome space. And it's already making waves: Monocle just named it one of the 25 Fresh Retailers in The World. Read More

D. McMillin

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