Celebrities Chowing Down

Celebrities chow down

Everybody needs to eat and, as these photos show, even superstar celebrities are more than willing to partake in their favorite dishes from time to time. Some of the photos are insanely unflattering, too; I had to stare at the picture of Halle Berry for quite some time before I could determine who she actually was.


No matter what kind of diet you’re on, sometimes you just have to give in to your food cravings, right? Celebrities such as Snooki, Bethenny Frankel, Jessica Alba, and Halle Berry probably know what I’m taking about because despite their well-balanced and oftentimes strict diets and rigorous exercise regimes, there’s just no way you can say no to that bag of tasty chips of slice of mouth-watering pizza. We’re human and hungry after all, LOL.

And while I’m sure many celebs love to dig in to their kids’ leftover bowls of Halloween candy, I’m sure everything is done within moderation. It wouldn’t be Hollywood if everyone wasn’t gorgeous and beautiful looking at all times, right? Read More and View Photos


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