Celebrities Who Weren't After the Spotlight

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Some celebrities didn't start off wanting to be the center of attention, but their talent and dedication to a craft landed them a level of fame that even to this day isn't quite what they want. The likes of Adele and Sam Worthington might not want to be famous but they are just too good at what they wanted to do. 


These 5 celebrities claim that they never wanted to be in the spotlight and it isn’t something that drives them or pushes them to succeed. Some love what they do but hate the fame side, which includes the stories in the media and constantly being followed by the paparazzi, while others are uncomfortable with the idea of being known by everyone and always talked about. They don’t need fame to feel whole, and would prefer to stay away from the spotlight when possible because it just isn’t something that interests them as they aren’t craving the attention that comes with their career and don’t enjoy that aspect of their jobs. Read More


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